Tailored To Your Sector Needs.

Procurement & transformation that is tailored to your industry’s requirements.

Keith Bond has access to industry professionals with unrivalled experience and a proven track record. They give in-depth strategic and analytical insight to stakeholders, enabling informed decision-making to achieve savings, efficiency, and value.


In today's global climate, EM&C is significantly reliant on a linked and optimised supply chain, which is fast-paced, highly competitive, and has fluctuating raw material costs. To keep your competitive edge, we can assist you manage your supply chain and improve your operations.


The fourth industrial revolution is here, and you're right in the middle of it. From capital expenditure to supplier management,Keith Bond can assist you in thriving in the digital world.

Real Estate

Facilities Management and Real Estate are two areas where Keith Bond excels. We put a premium on developing workplaces that prioritise safety, security, and productivity, allowing our clients to produce more value for their customers and investors.


How you provide is more important than ever in the age of on-demand consumerism. Our experts quickly get to the bottom of your expense issues and offer recommendations that ensure you can meet your consumers' needs.


We are experts in our fields, and you are experts in yours. Strategic cost-cutting, flexible outsourced sourcing, and next-level company transformation are all on the table. We solve your problems so you can focus on your customers.


Keith Bond has been a valued procurement transformation partner to a number of banking and insurance clients. We offer tailored, cost-effective solutions to assist you navigate the evolving financial services market while reducing risk and complying with new regulations.


Keith Bond is committed to making businesses more lean, agile, and responsive. We can assist you if political and financial uncertainty is limiting your ability to provide an affordable, world-class education.


Keith Bond is committed to improving health and social care outcomes. We work to improve your internal processes and supply chains so you can focus on what matters most: providing everyone with accessible, safe, and high-quality care.

Energy & Utilities

The Energy & Utilities sector faces difficult times ahead due to geopolitical unpredictability, shifting environmental demands, and greater regulation. Keith Bond is here to help you develop your company, cut costs, and plan for the future.


Keith Bond helps the automotive sector achieve excellent procurement over time by enhancing the purchasing organisation's maturity in all areas: strategy, structure, procedures, people, and automation.

Consumer Goods

A new world order in consumer markets is being driven by changing demographics and expectations. By modernising your systems, minimising overheads, and driving supply chain optimization, we can help you obtain a competitive advantage.


We support legacy systems and products as well as emerging advancements in the commercial and defence aerospace industries. To make you as lean as feasible, we analyse, optimise, and deploy procurement and supply chain solutions.