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Keith Bond Limited are a leading trader of ferrous and non-ferrous metals across international  markets. Our long history in the industry and vast network of international connections places us in an advantageous position to support your business.

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UK & International Trade of Non-Ferrous Metals

Keith Bond Limited are a leading brokerage for non-ferrous recyclable and recycled metals across international markets. Based in the UK, our trade encompasses a wide range of non – ferrous metals including: zurich, zorba and non bulk stainless steel. Our brokerage is a comprehensive facility providing in-house services for the collection, processing and trade of non ferrous metals. With over 20 plus years experience working across the industry on a global scale, we have a deep knowledge of both UK and international markets.

Offering significant international connections, robust compliance and exclusive partnerships across the globe, we are in a notable position to secure profitable outcomes for your business.

Our in-house non-ferrous brokerage services include everything from: short and long term trading, international logistics and accounting.

UK & International Trade of Non-Ferrous Metals

Trading across UK and international markets,  Keith Bond Limited are an established brokerage for ferrous metals. We trade a full range of ferrous metals worldwide, including: pig iron, ferro alloys and semi-finished steel.

Based in the UK, we operate a comprehensive international facility which includes: in-house brokerage, processing facilities, scrap ferrous metal collection, accounting, international logistics and more. Operating across the globe for over 20 plus years, we produce our own ferrous metals and also source ferrous metals from across Asia, South America, Europe and the Middle East for the most reliable flow of materials.

We have noteworthy connections all over the globe with advantageous partnerships on all continents. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and extensive global network gives us access to exclusive opportunities and notable producers, providing you with access to fruitful opportunities to grow your business.

Fostering Sustainability Worldwide

Our staff have an in-depth knowledge of the trade sector, call us today to discuss your needs with one of our expert advisers on 0204 531 4210 or send us a message below.

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